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Clarify the I/O of the simulator wrt van decision making

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......@@ -6,6 +6,26 @@ ROBOPILOT -- MORSE simulation prototype
This repository contains an early prototype of a [MORSE-based simulation]( for the
ROBOPILOT project.
This version of the simulation provides the following inputs/outputs for the
autonomous van decision logic. These are determined by the MORSE
sensors/actuators attached to the van, as [defined here](
**This list is expected to evolve depending on the Arrival's input/ouput
requirements to their decision making module.**
- **inputs to the van's decision making software**
- absolute `x`,`y`,`z`,`yaw`,`pitch`,`roll` of the van in the world reference
frame (provided by a MORSE's [Pose sensor](
- the list of visible objects with their 6D pose, relative to the vehicle
(provided by a MORSE's [Semantic camera](
- **expected outputs from the van's decision making software**
- linear and angular velocities of the van (`v`, `ω`)
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