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Added a basic van controller as example

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#! /usr/bin/env python3
Template showing how to integrate the van's decision making process into the
Note that this example uses Python for illustration purposes, but any language
supporting sockets, or alternatively, middlewares like ROS or YARP, can be used
import math
from pymorse import Morse
speed=0.0 # initial speed, m/s
def on_camera_update(evt):
""" Analyse what is seen by the van, and adjust accordingly the speed.
global speed
# see
objects = evt["visible_objects"]
distances = []
for o in objects:
distance = math.sqrt(pow(o["position"][0],2) +
print("Seen %s at %.1fm" % (o["name"], distance))
speed = min(2.0, min(distances)/5.0)
print("Setting speed to %.1f" % speed)
with Morse() as sim:
# the object 'arrival_van' is automatically created by pymorse
# because the simulation contains a vehicle named 'arrival_van'
van = sim.arrival_van
pose = van.pose
print("The van's initial location is %s" % pose.get())
motion = van.motion
while True:
motion.publish({"v": speed,
"w": 0.0}) # straight line
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