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# layeredcostmap
This package has two new layers of layered costmaps - temperature and radiation layer working on a Neobotix mp-700 robot developed by Tom Bridgwater and Andy West.
Download the folders to your catkin workspace and catkin_make it.
The cfg files will not generate .h files because the script might be in read-only mode.
Use to make it into and executable file
sudo chmod +x filename
Also add the my_ground_plane to your /home/user/.gazebo/models folder
After catkin_make,
The simulation can be run by:
roslaunch neo_simulation simulation.launch
The above should launch the simulation with the radiation and temperature layers, from here you can teleoperate, using the robot ROS teleop commands.
It will create a costmap of the arena.
You can then launch the dynamic reconfigure and state updater by using the command
roslaunch neo_simulation reconfigure.launch
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