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Clarify the semantics of UpdateHuman.srv

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# Creates or performs an update of an existing person instance.
# Attention: *Only the fields with non-default value are updated*. This means
# that this service *can not be used* to reset values to their defaults (see the
# field 'reset' below to achieve that for face_id or body_id).
# that this service *can not be used* to reset values to their defaults.
# (see the field 'reset' below to achieve that).
# Note that in any case, at least one of the fields person.face_id,
# person.body_id, person.person_id must be set for the service call to be valid.
Person person
# This field is intended for face & skeleton trackers to signal they have lost the
# face/skeleton
# if this is true, then:
# - one of face_id or body_id in the 'person' field must be set
# - people with the corresponding face/body ID are selected from the humans_server database
# - the face ID or body ID of these people is reset the the default NULL value
# If this field is set to true, the semantic of the call is changed from
# creating/updating a person's record, to re-setting to default values (ie, NULL)
# *every non-default field in 'person'*.
# This can be used by a face tracker or a skeleton tracker to reset to NULL a face
# ID or a body ID when the corresponding face/skeleton is lost.
# If as a result of the call, all the three fields person.face_id, person.body_id
# and person.person_id are NULL, *the person record is deleted* from the humans'
# database.
bool reset
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