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Added services to communicate with the humans_server database

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......@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ add_action_files(
# list here the .srv files
# This service allows client to select humans from the human database.
# Examples:
# - query='face_id IS NOT NULL' -> returns every humans for which a face is being tracked
# - query='age >= 10 and age <= 20' -> returns humans whose age is estimated to be between 10 and 20
# - query='name = "John"' -> humans whose name is John
# This string is used as the 'WHERE' clause in the SQL query 'SELECT * FROM humans WHERE ...' run against the humans database.
# Leave empty to select all humans (ie, equivalent to what is published on the /humans topic)
string query
Person[] group # the list of persons matching the query
# Creates or performs an update of an existing person instance.
# Attention: *Only the fields with non-default value are updated*. This means
# that this service *can not be used* to reset values to their defaults (see the
# field 'reset' below to achieve that for face_id or body_id).
Person person
# This field is intended for face & skeleton trackers to signal they have lost the
# face/skeleton
# if this is true, then:
# - one of face_id or body_id in the 'person' field must be set
# - people with the corresponding face/body ID are selected from the humans_server database
# - the face ID or body ID of these people is reset the the default NULL value
bool reset
bool ok
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